Online Nursing Degree Programs

online programFamily Practice Online Degree Programs

Many nursing schools offer a Master of Science in nursing degree with an emphasis in family practice. This degree expands on a practice nurse’s knowledge and experience, focusing on family care. A family practice nurse treats people of all ages and helps to prevent the spread of illness within communities. A post-graduate degree in family practice nursing takes approximately two years to complete, assuming the student is studying full time.

A family nurse practitioner program is centered around the concept of treating communities and individuals from cradle to grave. Beyond the medical training, however, a family practice nursing student will take courses in ethics and patient advocacy. Another important issue for family practice nurses is communicable diseases and the challenges surrounding HIV/AIDS. In other words, a good bedside manner is crucial for those in this career.

To be a certified family nurse practitioner is to be a nurse of advanced skill. On the hierarchy of nursing positions, a nurse practitioner is the pinnacle of knowledge and authority, not far from the role of practicing physician. However, most nursing students pursue a degree in family practice because they care about people and their community. There is a high demand for nurses in this field, so pursuing a degree in the subject should guarantee a lot of opportunities upon graduation and licensure.

Forensic Nursing Online Degree Programs

Forensic nursing is a specialized field of medicine that encompasses the duties of collecting criminal evidence, as well as the treatment of prisoners and victims of crime. Like other nursing specialists, a forensic nurse has completed schooling beyond an undergraduate degree. Certification programs, as well as graduate degrees, are offered to registered nurses who wish to become licensed forensic nurses.

Within the field of forensic nursing are even more specializations, including forensic nurse investigators, sexual assault forensic nurse examiners, legal nurse consultants, forensic psychiatric nurses and more. Some of these careers require a bit of detective work from a nurse, in addition to medical training. Popular television programs and films have brought forensic medicine to the attention of millions, making this field a highly sought career. Like any field in medicine, however, there is a large demand for more specialists.

Having the title of certified forensic nurse (CFN) will not only open more doors for a professional, it will greatly increase one’s earning potential, as specialists typically demand a higher salary than regular nurses. Also, a CFN brings more credibility to testimony given in a court room. There are numerous opportunities available to those who study forensic medicine, particularly for nurses. This is a career with great potential for advancement.

General Nursing Online Degree Programs

Nursing is an esteemed profession that is dedicated to helping people obtain and maintain good health. One can study a wide variety of nursing disciplines and the degrees available range from associate’s to graduate degrees. There is always a high demand for nurses, as the healthcare industry is one that is perpetually booming.

Upon graduation from a nursing school, one will then be qualified to take a national licensing exam to become a licensed practical nurse (LPN) or a registered nurse (RN). Although a Bachelor of Science in nursing is the minimum degree one can obtain to qualify for licensure, many nurses continue their education into graduate school. Specialized fields of nursing include pediatrics, ambulatory care, midwifery and more. Becoming a specialist appeals to nurses who have a focused interest in one area of medicine. Also, it greatly increases a nurse’s earning potential.

There is a need for nurses in many settings, not just a doctor’s office or hospital. Schools, nursing homes, corporations, military facilities and many other places are available to nurses who wish to seek a career in alternative locations. Perhaps the most appealing aspect of a career in nursing, beyond the high demand and substantial salary, is the satisfaction of caring for others. Indeed, nursing is considered an art as well as a science.

Geriatric Care Online Degree Programs

Older adults are now the core business of health care, as the “Baby Boomer” population ages. The need for geriatric nurses also is increasing with a demand for professional care givers who can help families care for older relatives while encouraging as much independence as possible. Geriatric nurses also focus on the treatment and prevention of chronic illnesses and to assist in terminal processes.

The nurse who trains for geriatric care may choose to pick from a number of specialty fields within this health care segment. Long-term care, gerontology (treatment and prevention of chronic illnesses), social work, or psychology with a focus on issues related to aging and health care offer possibilities for the nurse to expand horizons. A growing demand for home hospice care for the terminally ill patient has also opened doors for nurses to care for the elderly within a family setting.

Geriatric nurses can care for older adults in various environments, such as in primary care practices, in assisted living facilities, in retirement communities developed for older people or in high rise buildings where many older people cluster called NORCS (naturally occurring retirement communities), and in home hospice. These nurses often work as a part of a geriatric team composed of physicians, social workers, pharmacists, and with peers.

Health Care Administration Online Degree Programs

For nurses seeking to climb the corporate ladder, the post-graduate study of health care administration will certainly put them on that path. A career in health care administration encompasses many positions, including human resource managers, nurse managers and even CEOs. Like many specialized fields of nursing, this discipline is part of a continued education program, be it a post-graduate certification or graduate degree.

Those seeking a career in health care administration should be comfortable in a supervisory position. Someone with natural leadership qualities will generally do well in this field and there are many companies who wish to hire licensed nurses, as they are already experienced in health care issues. Knowledge of the health care industry on both a corporate and personal level is something that only a doctor or nurse can bring to a position.

Most health care administrators work out of private practices or hospitals. Duties generally depend on the size of the workplace and the number of people the administrator oversees. From accounting duties to faculty scheduling, health care administration requires a person to multi-task and perform well under mounting pressure. The benefits, however, can be very substantial. With a large demand for nurses in health care administration, pursuing this field of study will greatly increase one’s earning potential.

Health Care Education Online Degree Programs

The study of health care education is practical for nursing students who are seeking supervisory positions. Most nurses will encounter this subject in a post-graduate setting as they prepare for a career in education or administration. Health care education expands on a nurse’s medical knowledge, focusing on teaching strategies and leadership techniques. Not only are these skills helpful to those just entering the workforce, they are useful to seasoned professionals who wish to take their career down a new path.

Some colleges offer certification programs in health care education, which is intended to be continuing education for someone who already has a minimum of a BS in Nursing. Online health care education programs, such as the one offered by University of Phoenix, can be completed quickly and might count toward a graduate degree in both nursing and education. By diversifying one’s education, more opportunities will present themselves when it is time to enter the workforce.

With a certification in health care education, a nurse will be more likely to find supervisory positions, whether they be in education or health care management. Also, a nurse who is already in such a position may wish to take health care education courses to brush up on information. After all, the health care industry is constantly evolving. Therefore, a nurse who continues his/her education will be better equipped to lead and instruct.

Health Care Management Online Degree Programs

Healthcare is changing in terms of how and where care this care is delivered, who provides those services, and how that care is financed. Healthcare executives have an opportunity to make a significant contribution to improving the health of the communities their organizations serve. And, this field is diverse, as management is needed in settings that vary from clinics to larger medical facilities and from insurance organizations to universities and research centers.

An estimated 100,000 people occupy health management positions at numerous organizational levels. Requirements for senior-level positions in healthcare are demanding, but these jobs also provide opportunities to improve the care giving system. Individuals who are interested in management positions usually begin with entry-level positions and can steer careers into anything from finance to planning and development.

One expanding area within health care management includes health information technology (IT), which allows comprehensive management of medical information and its secure exchange between health care consumers and providers. Health IT can help to improve public health one individual at a time by building partnerships between health care consumers and providers across the country. Management within this area is in high demand, to find individuals who are educated within the health care field and who also have a grasp on information technology.

Integrative Health Online Degree Programs

Integrative health is a specialized area of medicine, one that is studied in a post-graduate degree program. The purpose of an integrative health nursing program is to train students in various non-traditional health practices. This program also helps students learn how to integrate these non-Western tactics with the nursing techniques they have already learned during their undergraduate studies.

Americans are beginning to accept more natural approaches to achieving physical and mental wellness, something that the medical community has recognized. For consumers that ask for alternative treatments, nurses and doctors are now devising ways to combine scientific know-how with the needs and requests of those individuals. This is not only enlightening for medical professionals who are finding new approaches to wellness, this facilitates a more patient-centered practice of medicine.

Legal Nurse Consulting Online Degree Programs

Legal nurse consulting is the practice of lending medical expertise to legal cases. This is performed by registered nurses who have additional training in legal studies. A degree or certification program in legal nurse consulting will familiarize nurses with the law. A registered nurse will greatly increase his/her earning potential by becoming a certified legal nurse consultant. Many professionals in this field can demand up to $150 an hour.

It is necessary for lawyers to hire legal nurse consultants when a particular case hinges on some sort of medical evidence or contains medical vernacular. Since a lawyer has no formal medical training, then a professional in the medical industry is needed for such cases. An estimated 25% of all practicing attorneys specialize in medical malpractice or personal injury. This figure demonstrates the need for legal nurse consultants.

Legal nurse consulting is directly related to the study of forensic nursing, which involves the collection of criminal evidence and the treatment of prisoners and victims. The duties involved with legal nurse consulting are varied, though they commonly involve translating medical jargon or reviewing medical records. A nurse can earn a graduate degree in legal nurse consulting or pursue a certification program. The latter is a more expedited track toward the career and is less costly.

Nurse Midwifery Online Degree Programs

Nurse midwifery is an advanced nursing practice that involves prenatal and postnatal care for women, as well as the labor and delivery of babies. Unlike an obstetrician, a nurse midwife takes a more involved role in the delivery of a baby, sometimes never leaving the mother’s side during labor. A nurse must train in a post-graduate program to become a nurse midwife.

Although nurse midwifery isn’t a common discipline in America when compared to other specialized nursing degrees, over two-thirds of all babies in the world are delivered by midwives. Nurse midwives take a more natural, nurturing role as caregiver to their pregnant patients. Although many women opt for an obstetrician to deliver their baby, more women are choosing nurse midwives each year. This is good news for those considering this career path.

Nurse midwives deliver babies in both hospital and home settings. As such, a midwife is to be prepared for a variety of surroundings, conditions, etc. A post-graduate degree program with an emphasis in nurse midwifery will integrate modern science with natural birthing techniques. Also, patient advocacy is important to those who are studying midwifery. Upon graduation from a midwifery program, there should be plenty of opportunities for employment, either on a freelance basis or for a private facility.

Nursing Education Online Degree Programs

One of the most useful master’s degrees a nurse can obtain is one in nursing education. The role of educator shouldn’t feel foreign to a licensed nurse at all, as teaching is part of his/her job. Nurses teach patients how to handle their illness or injury, including how to manage their health from home. Also, nurses learn and test new theories every day, only to pass that knowledge onto other medical personnel and patients. As a nurse educator, a nurse will officially fill the role of teacher.

Many experienced nurses who are too young to retire yet don’t wish to handle direct patient care will seek a degree in nursing education. Other candidates for the program may simply be nurses who wish to climb the corporate ladder and make as much money as possible. While most educators don’t routinely demand a high salary, a nurse educator who segues into hospital administration certainly can. For the ambitious nurse, it may be comforting to know that there is a shortage of nursing educators, leaving plenty of room for leverage when applying for a job or pay raise.

A degree in nursing education can be obtained from a local college or through an online school. The latter allows for a more flexible schedule, something that can be vital to a nurse who works erratic hours. Upon graduation, there are many places to look for open positions. Most nurse educators are employed by nursing colleges, while others find placement with actual healthcare facilities. This is definitely a beneficial degree to complete, as the career track of a nurse educator is a prosperous one.

Nursing Leadership Online Degree Programs

An advanced nursing degree with an emphasis in leadership will prepare a nurse for a supervisory position. With the demand for new nurses higher than ever, many facilities are in need of experienced nurses to take the helm as administrators. A master’s degree program in nursing leadership will expand on a practice nurse’s medical knowledge and equip him/her with management skills and tactics.

A master’s degree in nursing leadership prepares nurses for higher roles in the ever-evolving, health care industry. Students will have the occasion to hone their skills as leaders and problem solvers. The degree program will also teach students how make crucial decisions, resolve conflict and organize the goals of their workplace. Topics that are covered by this program’s curriculum include: accounting, legal/ethical issues, management strategies and marketing.

With the healthcare industry growing exponentially in the projected future, there is no shortage of job opportunities for administrative nurses. A master’s degree with a focus in nursing leadership will serve a practice nurse well in the workforce. From private clinics in rural areas to large city hospitals, there is a need for nurses with leadership training all over the country.

Women’s Health Online Degree Programs

A women’s health nursing program is a post-graduate curriculum for those who are already licensed nurses. A Master of Science in nursing with an emphasis in women’s health will prepare a nurse for the treatment of females throughout the life cycle. From adolescence and beyond, women sometimes require gender-specific medical treatment.

The study of women’s health is an important one to families worldwide, as it encompasses the treatment of over half the population, as well as pregnancy and childbirth. With a master’s degree in this discipline, a nurse can become a certified women’s health nurse practitioner. This is a prosperous career, one that allows for more advanced nursing practices. Nurse practitioners operate much like doctors.

There are many employment opportunities for nurses with a degree in women’s health. From specialty clinics to clinical research groups, there are many facilities in need of women’s health specialists. Becoming a certified nurse practitioner will not only open more doors, it will exponentially increase a nurse’s earning potential.