5 Reasons Why Relationships Fail

Love is one soul residing in two bodies. For a relationship to succeed there has to be genuine love. Love does not envy. It is not jealous. Love trusts and bears all things. Love is always ready to forgive. Unfortunately, most relationships fail because of trust issues, jealousy, envy, and lack of forgiveness. Some of the reasons for relationship failure are available at http://howtotextyourexback.net/why-relationships-fail-and-how-you-can-save-yours/.

1. Trust Issues

The foundation of a strong relationship is trust. Two people cannot live together as a couple when they do not trust each other. The following indicate trust issues:

• Infidelity

• Lack of reliability

• Lack of mutually supportive goals

• Possessiveness

• Jealousy

• Lack of emotional support

2. Communication

Proper communication is an essential ingredient for a successful relationship. According to howtotextyourexback.net, a couple should not converse. They should communicate. There is a difference between conversing and communicating.

Communication is conveying what you think and feels in an honest manner. You must never hold back your genuine thoughts from your partner if you truly love the person. Honesty might hurt a person for a moment but a mature person will latter accept the truth. Dishonesty will destroy a relationship.

3. Lack of compatibility

For a relationship to succeed, the two people in the relationship must be compatible. Every day, many relationships usually fail because of lack of compatibility. The various compatibility issues include:

• Sexual compatibility-

Compatibility starts in bed. Sex is an important part of a relationship. Every person in a relationship must be sexually satisfied. When there is lack of sexual compatibility, there is likely to be infidelity.

• Emotional compatibility-

You must be emotionally compatible with your spouse. If there is no emotional connection, a relationship will surely fail. There is the need for similar interests and hobbies.

• Compatible expectations

4. Failure to Adapt

According to howtotextyourexback.net, a relationship will go through many phases. Therefore, adapting to change is crucial for relationship success. Your partner will not always be the bubbly 16-year old. One might change careers or even change physically.

5. Boredom

Yes, two people can draw apart because of boredom. Actually, a relationship can get stale. Life obligations such as attending school can get in the way of connecting with a person. Alternatively, you can get bored because of lack of compatibility, money issues, or other artificial matters.

The Bottom-Line

Is your relationship stale? Are you bored to the extent that you want to leave your spouse? Are there trust issues, compatibility matters or other factors that can derail your relationship? Visit howtotextyourexback.net to learn how to supercharge your relationship and avoid relationship failure. This site will also help you to get your ex back.


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