Vaping In 2018

In 2017, many people started vaping. According to industry predictions, many people are likely to adopt vaping in 2018. E-cigarettes will continue being popular.

The leading vaping experts in the world are very optimistic about vaping in 2018. The industry is still young. Thus, it will continue growing and evolving.

2018 is the Year to Stop Smoking & Start Vaping

According to Public Health England, vaping is more effective than conventional smoking cessation techniques. It has helped many people to quit smoking. If you are a smoker, one of your 2018 resolutions should be to stop smoking. If you have tried every strategy and failed, you need to start vaping.

E-cigarettes will not harm your health in any way. They are not addictive since they do not have tobacco. They will also not leave you with bad breath. Actually, they will give you fresh breath.

New Brands

The vaping market is not yet saturated. There is room for new brands. Most likely, there will be many new brands in 2018. Some new brands will deal with making e-cigarette devices will others will deal with making e-liquids

• Judging by the trends of the past years, many makers of e-cigarette devices are usually in China. On the other hand, most e-liquid makers are in the United States. That is likely to be the trend going forward.

Possibility of New E-liquid Flavors

Presently, there are thousands of e-liquid flavors. However, that will not deter manufacturers from making new flavors. In 2018, there is likely to be the introduction of new flavors.


According to, there are always innovations in the vaping industry. Thus, in 2018, e-cig fanatics should await the latest innovations. With every innovation, the devices become better and safer.

Vaping Will Still Be Safer in 2018

Since the introduction of vaping, there have never been safety concerns. That is likely to remain the case in 2018. According to leading health organization such as the World Health Organization, vaping is 95% safer than smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Many People Will Know the Truth about Vaping

The vaping evangelists will not stop evangelizing in 2018. That will make more people know the truth about vaping. Actually, there are many myths and half-truths circulating around. Media practitioners who know very little about the science behind vaping are spreading most of these lies.

The Bottom-Line

Sites like will continue tracking the latest vaping developments. Over the last few years, vaping has gone from being a little-known idea to becoming a mainstream concept. Presently, it is a subculture.


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